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Bicep exercises and tricep exercises are the main upper arm exercises. The biceps is on the front of the upper arm, and the triceps are on the back of the upper arm. This page shows you how to do a dumbbell exercise for the triceps.

You can always, isolate and focus on 1 arm at a time using dumbbells. When you use dumbbells it is impossible to cheat with your strong arm when your weaker arm gets fatigued.

The 1 arm dumbbell extension is a great way to isolate the triceps. Below are the pictures of this tricep exercise.

Best Tricep Exercises: 1 Arm Incline Dumbbell Extension

Starting Position: Begin by adjusting a bench to about 45 degrees. Then, while holding one dumbbell in your arm extend your arm straight up towards the ceiling.

You can place your opposite finger tips at the back of your elbow to cue yourself about the position your shoulder should remain in.

Form: Inhale as you slowly lower the weight so that the dumbbell goes next to your ear. Pause for a brief second at the bottom, and then, exhale and extend your arm back towards the ceiling.

best tricep exercisesbest tricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure that your shoulder stays stationary throughout the entire movement. Only move from your elbow.

You can use your opposite fingers to slightly stabilize your shoulder and keep you in the correct position.

Use a light weight if you are a beginner to decrease the chance that you will get fatigued and hit yourself with the dumbbell. Move in a slow and controlled manner so that momentum doesn't take over.

You can also do this tricep exercise with 2 dumbbells.


There are hundreds of ways to work your triceps. Choose your favorite exercises and stay consistent with your workout plan.

Try to vary your exercises every 4-6 weeks so that you never hit a plateau or over work your muscles and joints with the same repetitive movements.

Oh yeh, and try to have some fun working out.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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