1 Arm Decline Tricep Extensions
Tricep Upper Arm Exercise

Try adding this tricep upper arm exercise into your workout routine if you want to get ripped arms or tone flabby arms.

If you've only done extensions on a flat bench, it's time to shake up your workout a little. Try done 1 arm extensions on a decline bench and really work your triceps.

Below are the pictures and the instructions.

Best Tricep Exercises: 1 Arm Decline Tricep Extensions

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a decline bench with one dumbbell in your hand. Straighten your arm so that the dumbbell is pointing towards the ceiling.

Use your opposite fingers to slightly stabilize your elbow and cue you about the correct position of the arm.

Form: Inhale and bend your elbow so that the dumbbell moves towards the side of your head. Hold for a brief second at the bottom and then exhale and extend your arm.

best tricep exercisesbest tricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise will challenge your shoulder and arm stability, so use a light weight at first and build up as you get stronger.

Don't let momentum take over, and move in a slow and controlled manner to decrease the chances of hitting yourself with the dumbbell.

You can also perform this upper arm exercise with 2 arms.


There are many different ways to work your triceps. Try to include a variety of movement in your tricep workouts, and try to change up your routine every 4-6 weeks.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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