Trx Shoulder Exercises: Y's

There are many awesome trx shoulder exercises.

4 of the most common shoulder exercises are named for letters (Y's, T's, I's, W's) because your arms and body will form the letter in the finishing position.

This page talks about the Trx Y.

The Trx Y is a great postural exercise. In addition to strengthening the shoulders it also strengthens the lower traps, which are an important muscle for stabilizing the shoulder blade.

When the scapular is more stable, you can lift more weight and you will also be less likely to develop rotator cuff problems.

The trx Y is a great exercise for everyone-- men, women, professional athletes, and recreational fitness enthusiasts. You can see the pictures below.

Trx Shoulder Exercises: Y's

Starting Position: Begin by grasping the trx handles with your palms facing down. Slowly walk yourself away from the trx so that there is no slack in the straps. Lean your body backwards and keep your arms straight in front of you.

Form: While keeping your body and your arms straight, exhale and raise your arms up overhead, so that your body is in the shape of the letter Y. Hold for a second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

trx y'strx y's

Personal Trainer Tips: It may take you a few times to master this exercise. This important thing is to keep your body straight throughout the entire movement.

Also, with the Y you don't have to bring your arms directly over your head. Your arms should be slightly wider than shoulder's width apart at the top of the motion.

In addition to the Y's, try the Trx T's, Trx I's, or Trx W's.


All of the letter motions (Y's, T's, I's, W's) are great for strengthening the shoulders and rotator cuff, but if you don't have a trx you can simulate the same motions with dumbbells or a cable machine.

Stable shoulder blades (scapulas) are the key to increased upper body strength and healthy shoulder joints. So make sure that you include some shoulder stability exercises in your fitness program.

You can use the trx to work all of your upper body muscles, and since it's portable and light weight, you can use it at home or take it with you for an outdoor workout.

If your gym has the trx, ask a personal trainer to help you get it set up. Or get your own so you can get great upper body workouts on your own at home or outdoors.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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