Trx Chest Exercises
The Chest Press | Push Ups

There are a few trx chest exercises that you can do to strengthen and tone your arms and chest while also improving your core stability.

You can really work your chest muscles with the trx, and because the trx is unstable when compared to the floor, your shoulder stabilizers will also get a challenging workout.

The chest press motion is very similar to push ups. You can put your feet in the trx and do push ups with your hands on the floor (or ground), or you can hold the handles in your hands and do the chest press motion with your feet on the floor.

One of the nice benefits of using the trx is that you can easily adjust the intensity by simply changing your body position.

When you stand close to the trx, your body won't be as parallel to the floor, so you'll lift less of your bodyweight against gravity. But, if you stand far away from the trx so that your body is more parallel to the floor, then you'll have to lift more of your bodyweight against gravity.

With the trx chest press, the length of the straps also makes a big difference. When the straps are adjusted so that they are long and closer to the ground, you will be able to get your body closer to parallel with the floor.

Check out the pictures and instructions below and adjust the level for your current ability.

Trx Chest Exercises: Chest Press | Push Ups

Starting Position: With your feet about hip width apart hold on to the trx handles. While keeping your arms straight and your core muscles engaged, slowly walk your feet back until your body is in a straight line and your weight is supported by your upper body.

Form: Inhale and slowly lower your chest towards the floor. Pause for a second at the bottom and then exhale and push yourself back up to the starting position.

trx chest presstrx chest press

Personal Trainer Tips: In the chest press your palms should be facing down. This hand position is different from chest flyes because in chest flyes you would keep your palms facing inwards (facing each other).

Advanced Variation:

To challenge your core muscles to a higher degree you can lift one leg, and do the chest press on 1 leg. The leg that remains of the floor will have to work much harder to stabilize your body weight and keep you in good alignment.


You can use the trx to work all of your upper body muscles, and since it's portable and light weight, you can use it at home or take it with you for an outdoor workout.

If your gym has the trx, ask a personal trainer to help you get it set up. Or get your own so you can get great upper body workouts on your own at home or outdoors.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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