Work Your Tricep Muscle, Core, and Balance All at the Same Time

1 leg kickbacks are a great way to work your tricep muscle, core, and balance with one exercise.

Core Training is a very popular fitness philosophy, and core training is much more than simply doing ab exercises and back exercises.

Standing up instead of using a bench for support is one way to engage more core muscles, and of course when you stand on one leg you engage even more core muscles and work on balance and coordination.

1 leg kickbacks are a great arm exercise and balance exercise.

Below are the pictures and instructions.

1 Leg Kickbacks with Both Arms:
Tricep Exercise and Balance Exercise

Starting Position: Hold 2 dumbbells in your hands. Then, slowly lift one leg off the ground and lean forward as far as you can while keeping your lower back in good alignment.

Keep your back leg straight and in-line with your body. Bring your arms up to your sides so that your arms are parallel with your body.

Form: Exhale and straighten your arms (kicking back the dumbbell). Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

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Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise can be challenging for your balance.

Do your best to keep your spine in good alignment, and don't let your lower back round and hunch forwards.

If your hamstring muscles on the back of your thigh are tight, it may limit how far forwards you can bend while keeping good alignment in your lower back. Only go as far as you feel comfortable.

If you have good flexibility, you can lean over to 90 degrees at your hip or until your body is parallel to the floor.

Move in a slow and controlled manner, and make sure to pause at the top of the exercise.

If this exercise feels too challenging, you can try kickbacks from both legs.

Or for a greater stability challenge try the variation below.

1 Arm and 1 Leg Kickbacks

This exercise is done in the same way as above, the only difference is that you will only use one dumbbell at a time.

Hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand from the foot you are standing on, and simply place the opposite hand on your hip during this exercise.

best tricep exercises, best arm exercisesbest tricep exercises, best arm exercises

With 2 arms, you have the weights to counter balance each other, so your core has slightly less challenge.

When you only use one dumbbell at a time, the weight will tend to rotate your body so that your core muscles will have to work harder to stabilize your hip, pelvis, and lower back.


There are so many ways to work your triceps. Try a variety of exercises and then pick your favorites.

And from time to time, try adding in a balance challenge or core challenge to your arm exercises to kill two birds with one stone.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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