Learn the Best Tricep Exercises
For Men and Women
Tricep Strengthening Exercises

Here are some of the best tricep exercises for men and women, and you can perform them in many different ways.

You can use dumbbells, barbells, machines, cables or tubing, or even just your body weight.

Dumbbell Tricep Strengthening Arm Exercises

2 Arm Standing Tricep Kickbacks

2 Arm Tricep Kickbacks Lying on a Bench

2 Arm Tricep Kickbacks on a Stability Ball

1 Leg Tricep Kickbacks
2 Arms Kickbacks
1 Arm Kickbacks

2 Arm Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
1 Arm Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

2 Arm Incline Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
1 Arm Incline Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

2 Arm Decline Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
1 Arm Decline Bench Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Overhead Extenstions
Seated 2 Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions
Seated 1 Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions

Bench 1 Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Cable Tricep Strengthening Arm Exercises

Cable Rope Pull Downs
Rope Pull Tricep Downs
Overhead Rope Tricep Pull Downs

Single Arm Cable Pull Downs
Single Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Barbell Tricep Strengthening Arm Exercises

Barbell Skull Crushers (Tricep Extensions)
Close Grip Bench Press
French Press
Ez-Bar Skull Crushers (Tricep Extensions)
Ez-Bar French Press

Machine Tricep Strengthening Arm Exercises

Machine Tricep Extensions
Machine Triceps Press Downs

Body Weight Tricep Strengthening Arm Exercises

Close Grip Push Ups
Medicine Ball Push Ups

Bench Tricep Dips
Stability Ball Bench Tricep Dips

Chest Exercises that Work the Triceps

The triceps also work during chest exercises that involve a pressing motion. So performing exercises like the barbell bench press or dumbbell bench press will work the triceps.

Here are some chest exercises that you can include in your upper body workouts.

Anatomy of the Tricep Muscles

Learn more about the anatomy of the triceps muscle.

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