Boost Your Trapezius Workouts
Try This Tough Trapezius Exercise

If you've been bored with your trapezius workouts, try adding in a new and challenging trap exercise.

There are so many ways to work the traps, you can use dumbells, barbells, or cables. And you can work your traps from many different positions.

When you bend forward from the hips, you place a lot of emphasis on the middle traps.

Another benefit of the bent over position is that you can strengthen your lower back at the same time that you are strengthening the traps.

Below are the pictures of an advanced trap exercise.

Trapezius Exercises: 90 Degree Bent Over Dumbbell Shrugs

Starting Position: Hold 2 dumbbells at your sides. Keep a slight bend in your knees, and then bend forwards from the hips until you are about 90 degrees at the waist.

Form: While keeping your back and hips stable, exhale and attempt to pinch your shoulder blades together. Hold for a brief second at then slowly lower to the starting position.

best trapezius exercisesbest trapezius exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Be mindful of the position of your lower back. Don't let your lower back hunch forward.

Move in a slow and controlled manner, so that momentum doesn't take over.

This exercise uses a small range of motion. Remember to keep your elbows straight and just move from the shoulder blades.


Remember that this is an advanced exercise, so listen to your body.

If you have a weak lower back, you can try dumbbell shrugs while lying on a bench.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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