Killer Trapezius Workout: These 3 Trap Exercises Will get You Pumped

If you are a glutton for pain, this killer trapezius workout might make you never want to do another shrug in your life.

There a many great trap exercises, but this killer workout uses 3 different exercises for your traps.

The three exercises are barbell shrugs, seated row shoulder blade pinches, and bent over barbell shrugs.

If you are in really good shape you can do 3 sets of each exercise, but if you haven't been working your traps regularly start with 2 sets for each exercise.

Also, depending on your strength, you can use 3 different repetition ranges.

If you've been lifting heavy, do 8-10 reps per exercise.If you've been lifting moderate, do 10-12 reps per exercise.And, if you haven't worked your traps recently, do 12-15 reps per exercise.

Trap Workout

Trap Exercise #1: Barbell Shrugs

Begin, with barbell shrugs and do 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.

This exercise works the upper traps.

best trapezius workout exercises

Trap Exercise #2: Shoulder Blade Pinches

Next, move on to shoulder blade pinches on a seated row machine.

This is not a traditional seated row. Your elbows stay straight throughout the entire movement.

This exercise uses a small range of motion, but make sure that you really squeeze your shoulder blades together.

This exercise will really work the middle traps.

best trapezius workout exercises

Trap Exercise #3: Bent Over Barbell Shrugs

After, the shoulder blade pinches on the seated row machine, finish with bent over barbell shrugs.

This exercise will work both the upper trapezius and middle trapezius.

best trapezius workout exercises

Trapezius Workout Conclusion

If you haven't worked your traps in a while, you should definitely start with only 2 sets for each exercise, and aim for lighter weights for 12-15 reps.

As you get stronger move up to 3 sets and 8-12 reps per exercise.

Listen to your body and try to stay consistent. And you will see your muscles grow and your strength increase.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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