Standing Cable Shrugs:
Trapezius Building Exercises

On this site, you'll learn all the best trapezius building exercises.

Dumbbells and barbells are popular tools to strengthen your traps, but try adding in cable shrugs to your workout every now and then to build up your traps.

Trap Building Exercise: Cable Shrugs

Starting Position: Attach a straight bar to the bottom of a cable machine. Then, grab the bar with an over hand grip.

Form: Exhale and shrug your shoulders up and slightly backwards. Hold for a brief second at the top of the exercise and then lower back to the starting position.

trapezius exercisestrapezius exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: One thing to remember about cable machines is that they all have slightly different weights. Some of them might feel much lighter than the weights listed on the plates.

If your cable machine is not heavy enough to give you a challenge at 15 reps, try another trap exercise that you can add more weight to or do cable shrugs as a finishing move after regular barbell or dumbbell shrugs.

Remember to start slowly anytime that you add a new exercise to your routine.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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