Posterior Deltoid Cable Reverse Flyes Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Cable Reverse Flyes are one of the best shoulder strengthening exercises for the posterior deltoid It's also one of the best upper back exercises.

You'll need access to an adjustable cable machine in order to perform this exercise.

Shoulder Exercises: Cable Reverse Flyes

Starting Position: Position the cable arms so that they are at your shoulder height. Grab the left cable with your right hand and overlap your arms by grabbing the right cable with your left hand.

Form: Exhale and while keeping your arms straight pull your shoulders out to the sides. Hold briefly and then slowly return to the starting position.

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Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise feels much different from dumbbell reverse flyes. The machine provides constant resistance and really challenges the posterior deltoid.

This exercise is also good for rotator cuff strengthening and can help to prevent rotator cuff injuries.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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