Bicep Exercises: Reverse Curls
Bicep and Forearm Exercise

This page has pictures of reverse curls with an EZ Bar.

The EZ Bar is simply a bar with Z-shaped handles so that you can use different angles for bicep exercises.

The biceps works to bend the elbow, but it also works to turn the palm face up (supination). The biceps is at its strongest when the palm is face up. However, when you change the position of your palm you can change the emphasis to other arm and forearm muscles and challenge your biceps in different positions.

When your palms are faced down (pronated), your biceps are in their weakest position so you will not be able to curl as much weight using a reverse grip as compared to a supinated (palms up) grip.

Also, when your palms are faced down, the back of your forearm (wrist extensors) will be emphasized versus the front of the forearm when the palms are face up.

Reverse bicep curls are a great exercise to shake up your bicep workout. Here are the pictures.

Bicep Exercises: Reverse Curls with EZ Bar

Starting Position: Simply begin by standing in a comfortable position. Grasp the EZ Bar with your palms facing down. You can use a close grip or shoulders width grip.

Form: Exhale and slowly curl the weight towards your chest. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

bicep exercisesbicep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: If you have never done this exercise, start with a light weight. The wrist muscles on the back of your forearm rarely get worked in a typical workout, so they will likely really sore the first time you try this exercise.

This exercise is great for improving grip strength, and it's a good complimentary exercise in any bicep workout.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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