Fun Push Up Workout Program
Do Push Ups While Watching Sports

Looking for a fun push up workout idea. Try doing push ups while you're watching sports on television.

When I was a young athlete, I was always trying to figure out ways to get an edge and get in better shape.

I played basketball in high school, and during the summer months I would watch tapes of old games (often Micheal Jordan in the playoffs and NBA Finals). Well, to keep myself in shape I would set up little fitness challenges while I watched the games.

Here's a couple of ways I would do push ups during basketball.

Basketball Push Up Workout

For a simple workout, I would do 50 push ups at the beginning of each quarter and half time of the game. So by the end of the game I would have completed 250 push ups. I often added 50 sit ups so I would do 250 push ups and 250 sit ups while watching a basketball game.

If I wanted a more complicated workout, I would do 1 push up for every point that was scored. Since basketball is such a fast moving sport I was constantly in motion.

If someone made a 3 pointer, I would drop and do 3 push ups, and if someone made a free throw I would drop and do one push up.

I only did the second type of workout a few times. I found I could enjoy the game more if I just did 50 push ups in a row at the beginning of each quarter and half time.

Football Push Up Workout

Since football has 4 quarters and a half time, you could do 50 push ups at the beginning of each quarter and half time to get 5 sets of push ups in.

If you want a harder workout, try doing push ups at the beginning of each quarter and half-way through each quarter.

You can make up any number of reps or rules you want, just try to get in shape and have fun while you're sitting there watching sports on TV.

Baseball Push Up Workout

I was not a baseball fan until I moved to Boston and lived near Fenway Park in Kenmore Square, but I loved my baseball push up workout.

Baseball can be a bit slow and times, and truthfully I often do other things while the game is on in the background. I generally aim for 25-50 push ups at the beginning of each inning.

So of course, a 9 inning game will get me 225-450 push ups during a 3 hour game.


If you've got time to sit around and watch sports on television, you've got time to do some push ups and strengthen your upper body.

If you do push ups once a week that's great, twice a week is solid and recommended for most people, and if you're in great shape 3 times a week will keep you super strong.

You can make up any type of workout based around watching sports. Pick your favorite sport (whether it's golf, hockey, or Nascar) and them give yourself some rules/ goals.

And don't forget to have fun!

Yours in health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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