Medicine Ball Push Up:
Feet on a Medicine Ball

Work your triceps, chest, shoulders, and core with the medicine ball push up.

There are so many fitness toys in the gyms these days that it's hard to get bored.

Medicine balls are just one of the many ways you can change how you do push ups.

Placing your feet on a medicine ball while doing push ups will challenge your balance and core strength.

Push Ups on a Medicine Ball: Feet on the Medicine Ball

Starting Position: Begin by placing your feet on top of a medicine ball. Make sure that your hands are underneath your shoulders, and keep them a little wider than shoulders width apart.

Keep your knees straight and keep core muscles engaged to maintain good alignment in your lower back.

Form: Inhale as you lower your chest towards the floor. Hold for a brief second and then exhale and push yourself back up to the starting position.

medicine ball push upmedicine ball push up

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure you keep your abdominals engaged so that your lower back stays in good alignment throughout.

1 Leg Variation

If you want to make this exercise harder, you can lift one leg off the medicine ball.

You can keep one leg lifted for a certain number of reps before changing to the other leg, or you can alternate between lifting your left and right leg.

This exercise is much harder than it looks. It takes more coordination and balance than strength. The more you practice the easier it will become, so start with a few reps and build up your strength.

You can also do this exercise with your hands on a medicine ball.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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