Decline Dumbbell Bench Press
Lower Chest Exercises

Many of the best lower chest exercises involve using a decline bench.

To emphasize the lower chest (sternal portion) you can perform decline barbell presses, decline dumbbell flyes, or decline dumbbell presses.

This page has pictures for the decline dumbbell press.

Chest Exercises: Decline Dumbbell Presses

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a declined bench with your arm straight over your chest. Your palms should be facing away from you.

Form: Inhale and slowly lower the weights towards your chest. Pause for a brief second at the bottom and then slowly press up to the starting position.

chest exerciseschest exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Do your best to keep a smooth pressing motion by keeping your wrist perpendicular to the ground.

Your wrists should remain completely under the dumbbells throughout the movement. Do not let the dumbbells angle towards your body or away from your body.

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