Inverted Rows
Back Exercises for Men and Women

Inverted Rows are a great bodyweight back exercise. You can easily adjust the intensity to build up your strength.

Pull ups are considered by many as the best back exercise, but not everyone is strong enough to do pull ups, so inverted underhand rows are a great alternative to build up your strength.

If you gym has a Smith machine, try adding this exercise into your back workout.

Inverted Underhand Rows: Back Strengthening Exercises

With this exercise, the lower the bar is placed the harder the exercise becomes. If you are a beginner, start with the bar about chest level, and if you have a strong upper body you can start with the bar just above waist level.

Starting Position: Adjust a Smith Machine so that the barbell is locked into place. Position yourself underneath the bar and grasp the bar with an underhand grip.

Keep your hands about shoulders width apart.

Form: Exhale as you pull yourself up towards the bar. Hold for a brief second and then lower to the starting position.

inverted rowsinverted rows

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure to keep your core muscles engaged so that you maintain good alignment in your lower back.

Adjust your angle so that the bar is near the middle of your chest when you pull yourself up.

If this exercise is too difficult, you can build up your strength with the seated row machine.

Yours in health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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