Wrist Rolls/ Rolling a Rope on a Stick
Strengthen the Wrists and Forearms

Wrist rolls or rolling a rope over a stick is a great way to strengthen the wrists and forearms.

Wrist strength is important for so many people.

Athletes: If your sport uses a ball or racket/ stick of any kind, having strong wrists can improve your performance and decrease your risk of injury.

Computer Users: If you're not an athlete, wrist exercises are still important. With computers being so prevalent finger, hand, and wrist overuse injuries are on the rise, and wrist strengthening might be just the thing to help offset some of those injuries.

Bodybuilders: For bodybuilders and power lifters, strong wrists and improved grip strength can sky rocket back strength and lead to a greater ability to build muscle.

No matter your goal this exercise can help.

Exercises for the Wrists and Forearms:
Wrist Rolls/ Rolling a Rope Over a Stick

Starting Position: You'll need a stick with a hole drilled in the middle of it and a rope threaded through the hole.

Attach some weights to one end of the rope, and then hold the stick straight out in front of you with the weights on the floor.

Form: While holding the stick out in front of you, roll your wrists forwards to lift the weights off the floor. Keep going until you get the weights all the way to the top.

Then, roll your wrists backwards to lower the weights back down to the floor.

forearm strengthening exercisesforearm strengthening exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Many gyms have a stick for this purpose, but if not it's pretty easy to make this for a home gym-- all you need is a rope, a stick, and some weights.

Also, note that a thicker stick will challenge your muscles much more than a thinner stick.


This is can be a tough exercise, but it really strengthens your wrist muscles and grip strength.

Most people feel a serious burn in the forearms after doing a couple of sets of this exercise, so try stretching out your wrists after you get done with this exercise.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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