1 Arm Dumbbell Press on a Ball
Exercises for the Pecs and Chest

You can do several exercises for the pecs and chest with a stability ball. This page shows you pictures of the 1 arm dumbbell chest press on a stability ball.

When using the ball your shoulders, core muscles, and lower body muscles will work harder during the dumbbell chest press.

The 1 arm chest press is much more challenging than 2 arm presses, because when you only have one dumbbell in your hand there is no counter balance.

So your core muscles will have to provide the force to stabilize your body.

Below are pictures and instructions for this pec and chest exercise.

Exercises for the Pecs and Chest:
1 Arm Dumbbell Chest Press on an Exercise Ball

Starting Position: Begin by sitting on the ball and hold 1 dumbbell in your hand.

Then, slowly walk yourself forwards until your hips are off the ball and your head and upper back are supported on the ball.

Keep your feet facing forwards and firmly on the floor or place, and keep your palm facing down. You can place your opposite hand on your hip to offer some stabilization.

Form: While keeping your core tight, exhale and press the dumbbell up towards the ceiling. Pause slightly at the top and then lower back to the starting position.

chest press on the ballchest press on the ball

Personal Trainer Tips: Make sure you engage your core muscles so that your body remains stable throughout, and move in a slow and controlled manner.

You can challenge your stability further by placing your feet closer together.

To decrease the stability challenge, press both arms simultaneously or try doing the alternating dumbbell press.


Changing how you move your arms can increase or decrease the challenge on your core while doing pec and chest exercises.

If your goal is to increase your core stability, then try adding in exercises using a stability ball.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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