Cable Upright Rows for
the Shoulders and Trapezius Muscle
Effective Shoulder Exercises

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Some people love upright rows, and some people hate them. The people that love them love the burning feeling in the shoulder muscles and trapezius muscle, and those that hate them hate the pain they sometimes feel in their shoulder joint after doing tons of upright rows.

Every exercise has benefits and risks, and you simply have to weight the benefits against the risks.

When the shoulders are turned in and lifted up, as in the upright row position, there is a lot of pressure on the rotator cuff tendons and the shoulder joint. If you ever feel pain and discomfort during the exercise, it's probable no the best exercise for your workouts.

And if you have pain the day after that is more than simple muscle soreness, then upright rows are probably not the best shoulder exercise for you.

But, if you have good shoulder range of motion and no shoulder pain, it is okay to sometimes include the upright row in your workouts.

There are many different ways to work the shoulder and the trapezius, so listen to your body.

Cable Upright Rows for the Shoulders and Traps

Starting Position: Attach a straight bar or an EZ bar to the bottom of a cable machine. Grab the bar with an overhand grip-- your hands should be fairly close together.

Form: Exhale and lift your hands straight up towards your chin. Hold for a brief second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

trapezius exercises and shoulder exercisestrapezius exercises and shoulder exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Always listen to your body. If you feel shoulder pain then discontinue doing this exercise.

Stiffness in the shoulders can make this exercise more difficult.

If your range of motion is limited, stretch your pecs, lats, and shoulder as a whole to increase your range of motion.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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