Cable Lateral Exercises
Deltoid Workout & Shoulder Exercises

Cable lateral raises are a great shoulder exercise to include in your deltoid workout.

A benefit of cable lateral raises is a constant tension throughout the range of motion.

You can do this shoulder exercise with dumbbells or cables. Most people feel a really good burn with either cables or dumbbells.

Here are the pictures for cable lateral raises.

Best Shoulder Exercises: Cable Lateral Raises

Starting Position: Attach a handle to the bottom of a cable machine, and grasp the handle with an overhand position.

Form: Exhale and lift your arm out to the side to about 90 degrees. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

best shoulder exercisesbest shoulder exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: During this shoulder exercise posture and form are very important.

As you get fatigued, there will be a tendency to either shrug your shoulders or tilt your hips and lower back in order to lift the weight.

Engage your abdominal muscles to stabilize your pelvis and lower back and keep your shoulder blades pulled down and back as you lift.

You can also use the cables to perform front raises, but if you don't have a cable machine you can also use dumbbells or a resistance band to perform the same motion.

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