Decline Bench Press
Shoulder and Chest Exercise

The Decline Bench Press is a chest exercise that emphasizes the lower portion of the chest (pectoralis major).

The major chest muscle is the Pectoralis Major. The Pectoralis Major (or pecs for short) has two portions an upper portion and a lower portion.

During the flat bench press both portions of the pecs work really well.

However, when you perform an incline bench press you emphasize the upper portion of the chest, and when you perform the bench press on a decline you will emphasize the lower portion of the pecs.

Below are pictures of the decline press.

Best Chest Exercises: Decline Bench

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a bench. Use a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width.

Form: Inhale and slowly lower the bar towards your chest. Pause for a brief second after the bar touches your chest and then exhale and extend your arms to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: If you are a beginner, I suggest using a spotter just in case you experience unexpected fatigue.

Use a comfortable range of motion. The more range of motion to more muscle work, but in addition more range of motion means more pressure on your joints.

The lower portion of the chest works really well during the flat bench press so it is often not necessary to add extra emphasis by adding decline presses to your chest workout.

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Learn the correct form for the flat bench press or the incline bench press.

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