Incline Alternating Dumbbell Press
Chest Exercises for Women and Men

Incline dumbbell presses are one of the best chest exercises for women and men. It is important to remember that women and men can benefit from the same exercises.

Many women want to focus on toning the back of their arms, and many guys want to build up their arm muscles.

The incline chest press places more emphasis on the triceps and shoulders, and moving in an alternating fashion will increase the stability challenge.

If your goal is overall fitness, toning, and some strength, then use weights that are lighter and focus on more repetitions (12-20).

And if you are primarily concerned with strength and developing muscle mass, you should generally focus on higher volume and heavier weights (1-12 repetitions).

If you've only done the dumbbell chest press moving both arms simultaneously, you'll notice a big difference when you move your arms in an alternating fashion.

Here are the instructions.

Chest Exercises for Women and Men:
Incline Bench Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press

Starting Position: While lying on an incline bench hold the dumbbells with your palms facing down at chest level.

Keep your feet facing forwards and firmly on the floor.

Form: Exhale and press one dumbbell straight towards the ceiling while keeping the other dumbbell at chest level. Lower that dumbbell and then press the other dumbbell towards the ceiling.

chest exercises for women and menchest exercises for women and men

Personal Trainer Tips: You can actually do this exercise 2 ways. You can hold one dumbbell at chest level as in the instructions above, or you can hold one dumbbell at the top of the range of motion.

To do the second variation, start by pressing both dumbbells towards the ceiling, then lower one and press it back up to the top before lowering and pressing the opposite side.

incline chest pressincline chest press

This chest exercise challenges your stability more than the regular incline dumbbell chest press, so start with a lighter weight and build up your strength.

Make sure you engage your core muscles so that your body remains stable throughout.

You can also do the alternating dumbbell chest press on a flat bench.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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