Dumbbell Bench Press
Chest Exercises and Chest Building Exercises

The dumbbell bench press is one of the most popular chest building exercises.

To build your chest muscles you can perform barbell presses, dumbbell flyes, or dumbbell presses.

Below are pictures of the dumbbell bench press.

The dumbbell bench press works your chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps.

Chest Exercises: Dumbbell Bench Press

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a flat bench with your arms straight and the dumbbells over your chest.

Form: Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells towards your chest. Pause for a brief second at the bottom and then exhale and press up to the starting position.

chest exerciseschest exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Do your best to keep your wrists perpendicular to the floor. Do your best to avoid letting your wrists bend towards your head, in towards your body or away from your body.

Move in a smooth and controlled pace.

Comparing the Dumbbell Bench Press to the Barbell Bench Press

Both the barbell bench press and the dumbbell bench press are great chest exercises.

The major differences are stability and range of motion. The barbell is much more stable than the dumbbells, so you will generally be able to lift a significantly higher weight using the barbell. The barbell bench press is the gold standard when it comes to chest exercises.

However, with dumbbells you can move through a greater range of motion and also work on developing stability and coordination in the shoulders.

Both are great chest building exercises. They both have advantages, so include both of them in your chest workout routines.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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