Cable Exercises for Arms
Best Arm Exercises with Cables

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Using cables for your arm workouts will give you a different feeling from using dumbbells or your own bodyweight. One of the major differences between the cables and dumbbells is the level of resistance through the range of motion.

In some dumbbell exercises, like chest flyes or bicep curls, the resistance changes significantly through the range of motion based on the dumbbells relation to gravity. However, with the cables the resistance stays fairly constant throughout the entire range of motion.

Another difference between dumbbells and free weights and cable machines is the stability requirement. Generally speaking, you will get a greater challenge to your stabilizer muscles when using dumbbells compared with cables.

There are many factors that you can adjust to challenge your body in different ways with both cables and free weights. They are both great for building muscles, toning muscles, improving strength, and burning calories. So if you have access try incorporating both cables and free weights in your workouts.

Below are some examples of cable exercises for your arm workouts.

Arm Exercises with Cables

Bicep Exercises:

Bicep Cable Curls

Reverse Cable Curls

Rope Hammer Cable Curls

2 Arm High Cable Curls

1 Arm High Cable Curls

Rotator Cuff Exercises:

Neutral and Abducted External Rotation with Cables

Shoulder Exercises:

Cable Front Raises

Cable Lateral Raises

Cable Reverse Flyes

Tricep Exercises:

Cable Rope Pull Downs and Overhead Rope Pull Downs

Single Arm Rope Pull Downs

Single Arm Cable Kick Backs


These are just some sample arm exercises with cables. You can work any upper body muscle with the cables by simply changing the position of the cable or the direction of the movement.

If you don't have access to a cable machine, you can also use resistance bands to simulate the same motions. Resistance bands are portable, but they don't offer the same level of resistance as cables.

There are limitless ways you can work your arm muscles, so choose your favorites but also try adding in new exercises every 4-8 weeks.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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