Simple and Effective Bicep Workout
Get Big Biceps in 10 Minutes!

Looking for a simple yet effective bicep workout? Try 5 sets of barbell bicep curls.

The biceps are one of the most commonly trained arm muscles and many people want to get bigger biceps.

The workout below will take less than 10 minutes, but your biceps will be pumped like never before.

Many people think workouts need to be complicated to be effective, but that's just not the case. Simple workouts can be just as effective if not more effective than complicated workouts.

Simple Workout for the Biceps

Okay, here's how the workout goes. You will only use one exercise, barbell bicep curls.

And you will aim for 10-12 reps on each set, while resting for 60 seconds between sets.

The Key is to use a weight that will cause failure around 10-12 reps.

Another key is that you will use the reverse pyramid method. The reverse pyramid method simply starts with the heaviest weight and moves down in weight with each successive set.

Here's a sample weight progression.

Start with 85 pounds on the first set, rest 60 seconds.Then, lower the weight to 75 pounds, rest 60 seconds.Then, lower the weight to 65 pounds, rest 60 seconds.Then, lower the weight to 55 pounds, rest 60 seconds.Then, lower the weight to 45 pounds on the last set.

You'll have to experiment with the weights until you find the right sequence for your workout.

Personal Trainer Tips

You may find that dropping 5 pounds still allows you to reach 10-12 reps.

If you only get 5-8 reps on one of your sets, try dropping a little more weight on the next set.

Try to stay in the range of 10-12 reps on each set. If a weight feels light, it's okay to do a few extra reps on that set.

If you can do 15 reps, you will likely be able to get 10 reps on the next set without lowering the weight.

As you get stronger over the weeks, increase the weights so that you still fatigue between 10-12 reps.

I hope those tips help you to easily construct a workout that will get your biceps pumped like crazy.


Try this simple bicep workout 1-2 times a week, for 4-6 weeks and see what happens to your arms.

If you want to track your progress, measure your arms before and after a month of working out.

You can do this type of workout with other bicep exercises, so pick your favorite and just stay consistent.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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