Rope Hammer Curls with Cables
Bicep Exercises for Men and Women

Cables are a versatile tool, and there are many great bicep exercises that men and women can do with a cable machine.

Cables offer a much different feeling when compared to dumbbells or machines. They provide constant tension like most machines, but they offer an increased stability challenge when compared to machines.

You can use many different attachments to add variety to your arm workouts.

Rope hammer curls on a cable machine will work your forearms and improve your grip strength.

A rope attachment is much less stable than a straight bar or other solid attachment, so you will have an increased challenge on your shoulder stabilizers and grip muscles.

Hammer curls are a great way to work the brachioradialis (a major forearm muscle) and the brachialis (a huge elbow flexor underneath the biceps). Hammer curls are a great addition to any bicep or arm workout.

You can see pictures of rope hammer curls below.

Cable Exercises for the Biceps: Rope Hammer Curls

Starting Position: Attach a rope to the bottom of a cable machine. Grasp both sides of the rope with each hand. Make sure that your palms are facing each other and your thumbs are pointing up towards the ceiling.

Keep a slight bend in your knees and make sure that your lower back is in good alignment.

Form: Exhale and bend your elbows as if you were raising up a hammer. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

bicep exercisesbicep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: During hammer curls, it is important to make sure that you keep your thumbs pointing towards the ceiling throughout the entire movement.

When your palm is in the "hand shake position" (thumbs up) during bicep exercises, the brachioradialis and brachialis are emphasized.

You can also do hammer curls with dumbbells.


Hammer curls are a great addition to any bicep workout, and they can be done with dumbbells or cables.

Both dumbbells and cables offer a different feel, so choose the one you like best or include both in your bicep workout if you really want to emphasis some of the accessory forearm muscles.

If you just want to tone and strengthen choose a weight that you can comfortably lift for 12 or more reps, and if you want to focus more on building lean muscle mass then choose a weight that is challenging between 1-12 reps.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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