Cable Exercises For Your Triceps
Learn the Best Tricep Exercises

Cable Exercises are some of the best tricep exercises to include in your tricep workout.

At the gym, almost everyone loves using the cables in their tricep workouts. Cable exercises are great for toning flabby arms or building massive triceps.

The cables provide a constant tension that really challenges the triceps through the entire range of motion. And the cables really help you get a good burn or pump in the back of the arms.

Here are 2 of the best cable exercises for the triceps.

Best Tricep Exercises: Rope Pull Downs

Starting Position: Attach a rope attachment to the upper part of a cable machine. Hold the rope with your hands facing each other.

Form: Exhale and pull the rope down towards your waist. Hold for a brief moment and then slowly return to the starting position.

tricep exercisestricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Keep your shoulders in good alignment during this exercise. The tendency is for the shoulders to tip forwards as you push down.

Also keep your shoulders stationary during this exercise. Only move your elbows to isolate and focus on the triceps.

Stand up straight and keep your back in good alignment, and always move in a slow and controlled manner.

Best Tricep Exercises: Overhead Rope Pull Downs

Starting Position: Begin by attaching a rope to the upper part of a cable machine. Grasp the rope and turn around so that you are facing away from the cable machine. Stagger your stance so that you have a stable base.

Form: Engage your abdominals so that your body is stabilized, then exhale and straighten your arms over your head.

Hold for a brief second and then return to the starting position.

tricep exercisestricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: This exercise places the triceps in a different position, so there is a change in the emphasis.

Many people feel their triceps are stronger in this position, but the challenge is are your core muscles strong enough to stabilize you.

The weight from the cable machine will pull your body backwards, so your abdominal muscles will have to really work to keep you in the correct position.


Above are 2 good tricep exercises, and these cable exercises are both great to include in your tricep workout. By using the cables, you get a constant tension on your triceps.

When you change the position of your arms, you change the emphasis in your triceps, and the overhead rope tricep extension will also challenge your core stability.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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