Learn the Best Trapezius Exercises
for Men and Women

Learn all the best trapezius exercises for men and women. This page has a brief overview on the importance of the trapezius, and it has links to pictures of all the best exercsies for the trapezius.

The trapezius (aka "Traps") is an important but sometimes neglected muscle. The trapezius muscle is important for shoulder stability and shoulder strength.

The trapezius muscle is both a neck muscle and a scapular muscle. It supports and moves the neck and it supports and moves the shoulder blade.

When the trapezius is strong, your scapula and shoulder will be more stable. Also, when the shoulder is more stable, you are less likely to get shoulder injuries, and you can improve your upper body strength to a higher level.

Who Should do Trapezius Exercises?

Trapezius exercises are good for both men and women.

The trapezius is an important postural muscle, and nowadays most people have desk jobs that negatively affect posture, especially at the head, neck, upper back, and shoulder blades.

Strengthening the trapezius can help to support better posture.

The trapezius is also an important muscle for carrying things. If you carry a lap top or heavy bag over your shoulders, a stronger trapezius muscle could help to relieve some pressure on your neck and shoulders.

And if you're a mother or father to small children, you need your trapezius to be strong to help you hold up the little ones and all their accessories (car seats, strollers, etc.).

Trapezius strengthening is also great for athletes, especially those in swinging or throwing sports. So everyone should include trapezius exercises in their workout program from time to time.

The Best Trapezius Exercises

Barbell Exercises for the Trapezius

Barbell Shrugs
Bent Over Barbell Shrugs: 15-30 Degrees
Bent Over Barbell Shrugs: 70-90 Degrees
Barbell Upright Rows

Dumbbell Exercises for the Traps

Dumbbell Shrugs
Bent Over Dumbbell Shrugs: 15-30 Degrees
Bent Over Dumbbell Shrugs: 70-90 Degrees
Dumbbell Shrugs on a Bench/ Shoulder Blade Pinches

Machine and Cable Exercises for the Trap Muscles

Seated Row Shoulder Blade Pinches

Standing Cable Shrugs

Cable Upright Rows

Other Exercises that Work the Trapezius Muscles

The trapezius muscle will work with the back during every back exercise, and it will work with the shoulders during shoulder exercises.

And when the traps are not moving the scapula (shoulder blade), the traps will stabilize the shoulder blade during chest, bicep, and tricep exercises.

Here are some exercises that also work the trapezius.

Seated Row
Bent Over Row
Lat Pull Down or Pull Ups
Lateral Raises for the Shoulders
Reverse Flyes for the Shoulders
Over Head Press for the Shoulders


You can perform trapezius exercises for many different goals. Trap Exercises can improve posture and support good posture.

Exercises for your traps, can also increase neck and shoulder stability and strength. Strong traps also decrease the likelihood of shoulder injuries, while increasing shoulder performance.

If you want to build big trap muscles, use super heavy weights, and if you just want to support your posture and shoulder joint use lighter weights.

Hope that helps you understand the importance of including some of the best trapezius exercises into your workout routine.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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