The Best Shoulder Exercises
Straight Arm Shoulder Extensions

Straight arm shoulder extensions are one of the best shoulder exercises and a good upper back and rotator cuff exercise.

There are many different shoulder motions, forwards, backwards, out to the side and towards the body. By exercising your shoulder in many different directions you can develop balance around your shoulder.

Most of us have a tendency to slouch and our shoulders tend to round forwards. This can negatively affect posture and increase the risk of injury to the rotator cuff muscles.

Straight arm shoulder extensions are a great shoulder exercise and they are also good for the triceps, upper back, and rotator cuff.

The pictures are below.

Shoulder Exercises: Straight Arm Shoulder Extensions

Starting Position: The beginning position is important. Hinge forward from your hips only and keep your back straight. Hold dumbbells with your palms facing forward.

Form: Exhale and extend your shoulder while keeping your arms straight and your palms facing forward. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

best shoulder exercisesbest shoulder exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: Be mindful of your posture during this exercise. May sure that your back does not round, and keep your head and neck in good alignment.

Keep your palms facing forward throughout the movement. This will keep your shoulder externally rotated which will add a little more emphasis to the rotator cuff muscles.

Use as much range of motion as comfortable, and squeeze your shoulder blades when you extend your shoulders.

This exercise can help to prevent rotator cuff injuries, but you can also work the rotator cuff directly with rotator cuff exercises.

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Dr. Charles PT/PT

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