Wide Grip Pull Ups
One of the Best Back Exercises

Many bodybuilders and athletes think wide grip pull ups are one of the best back exercises, and I agree.

If you want to create that v-shaped look to your upper body, wide grip pull ups are a must in your back workout.

All you need is a pull up bar and a little motivation and stronger and bigger back muscles won't be far behind.

Here are the instructions.

Back Exercises: Wide Grip Pull Ups

Starting Position: Find a pull up bar or any straight bar. Place your hands a little wider than shoulders width and use an over hand grip.

Form: Exhale and pull your body up so that your chin nearly touches the bar. Hold for a brief second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

back exercises pull upsback exercises pull ups

Personal Trainer Tips: This is a really challenging back exercise and you have to be really strong to finish an entire set.

If you cannot perform pull ups, build up your back muscles with the lat pull down machine or a pull up assist machine.

Wide grip pull ups are the hardest variation of pull ups. One reason that they are harder is that your hand is faced down (pronated). When your hand is pronated the biceps isn't as strong as when your hand is face up (supinated).

Another reason wide grip pull ups are harder than other versions is that your shoulder is less stable when your arm is abducted (shoulder is out to the side) and externally rotated (turned out to the side).

You can build up to wide grip pull ups by doing under hand pull ups or neutral grip pull ups.

Pull ups of all versions are some of the best back exercises, but the wide grip pull up will really help develop that v-shape appearance. So try building up to it in your workouts.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles

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