2 Arm Tricep Kicbacks: One of the Best Arm Exercises to Tone up Flabby Arms and Build the Triceps Muscle

If you're looking for the best arm exercises to tone flabby arms, you'll find them on this site. And if you're looking for the best exercises to build up your triceps, you'll also find them on this site.

Both men and women can benefit from all the same arm exercises. As a general rule, if your goal is to build muscle, you should choose a heavy weight that is very challenging between 1-12 repetitions.

And as a general rule, if your goal is to tone your arms and build up your endurance, you should choose a weight that you can do for 12-25 repetitions.

Tricep Kickbacks are a great arm exercise to tone or build the triceps.

Effective Arm Exercises: 2 Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Starting Position: Begin by holding 2 dumbbells in your hands. Keep a slight bend in your knees, and then hinge forward from your waist.

Pull back your upper arm so that it is next to (parallel) your body.

Form: While keeping your upper arm next to your body, exhale and straighten your elbow. Hold for a brief second and then slowly lower to the starting position.

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Personal Trainer Tips: In the standing position this exercise will help to strengthen the postural and lower back muscles.

Be mindful of the position of your lower back. Don't let your lower back round too far forwards. Use your lower back muscles to keep your spine and pelvis in a neutral position.

If your hamstring muscles are tight, it may make it difficult to get into the correct position. Only bend as far as you can while keeping your back in good alignment. Stretch your hamstrings and bend your knees a little more to relieve some stiffness in the back of your legs.

In regards to the upper body, do your best to keep your upper arm at your side throughout the entire exercise.


This really is one of my favorite arm exercises. I love the fact that the lower back and hips and postural muscles get a ton of work while the arms are working.

The bent over/ lifting position is an important position to master to strengthen the lower back and help to decrease the chance of injury when you are lifting other objects.

And, in addition to the lower back work, the upper back and scapula muscles must work to stabilize the shoulder blade and upper arm during this exercise.

2 arm kickbacks are one of the best arm exercises to tone up flabby arms and build up your triceps.

So try adding them to your tricep workout.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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