Back Exercises: Bent Over Rows
Back Strengthening Exercises

Barbell Bent Over Rows are one of the back strengthening exercises that bodybuilders and athletes turn to to build their back muscles.

Barbell rows are one of my favorite back exercises because in addition to working the biceps, shoulders, and lats, it also works the forearms, lower back, and rotator cuff.

This page has the pictures and instructions for overhand grip barbell bent over rows.

Back Exercises: Bent Over Rows

Starting Position: Begin with an overhand grip just slightly wider than shoulder width. Lift the weight off the rack, and step back. Bend from the hips and keep your back in a neutral position.

Form: Exhale and row the barbell straight up towards your body. Hold just for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: Be mindful of the position of your lower back throughout this exercise. You don't want your back to round as you bend from the hips.

Move in a slow and controlled manner so that momentum doesn't take over.

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Overhand versus Underhand Grip

When you change from the overhand to the underhand grip, you change the emphasis of the exercise. The underhand grip emphasizes the biceps and lats a little more than the overhand grip.

The overhand grip emphasizes the forearms, shoulders, and traps a little more than the underhand grip.

All of the forearm, shoulder, and back muscles work during both versions of the exercise, changing grips just slightly changes the emphasis.

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