Tricep Dip Machine:
Tricep and Arm Workout Exercises to Tone Flabby Arms

If you workout in a gym, try adding the tricep dip machine to your arm workout to tone up flabby arms.

There are many different tricep exercises that can help you to tone flabby arms. But in addition to doing tricep exercises you must also include cardio and aerobic exercise to burn extra calories and eat a healthy diet if you want to tone your arms.

Below are pictures of a popular tricep workout machine.

Tricep Exercises: Tricep Dip Machine

Starting Position: Sit in the tricep machine and adjust the seat so that you are comfortable. Align your shoulder as closely to the pivot point of the machine as possible.

Form: Exhale and push down on the machine and straighten your arms. Hold for a brief second and then inhale and return to the starting position.

best tricep exercisesbest tricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: In this exercise it is important to be mindful of the position of your shoulders throughout. Some people have a tendency to shrug the shoulders up as the elbows bend.

In addition this exercise requires a lot of flexibility in the shoulders. If you have tight and stiff shoulders it may be difficult to stay in proper form.

If you have pain in your shoulders during this exercise, check your form, stretch your shoulders, or choose another tricep exercise. If you have significant pain in any area during exercise, you should consult with a licensed health professional.

There are many great arm exercises that don't involve machines. Dumbbells and your body weight can be used to create good tricep workouts.

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