Tricep Dips on a Bench
Tricep Arm Toning Exercise

If you're trying to tone up flabby arms, try adding this tricep arm toning exercise to your workout.

Bench dips are a great tricep exercise for women and men, and they can really get your triceps burning.

And the cool thing is you don't really need to be at a gym in order to do them.

You can do them any place there's a bench!

If you like running or walking outside for exercise, you can always just stop at a bench and do some bench dips for your triceps-- and it's give your legs a little rest.

Okay, here's the pictures for tricep dips on a bench.

Tricep Arm Toning Exercise: Bench Dips

Starting Position: While sitting on the edge of a bench, place your hands next to your sides with your fingers facing forwards.

Place your feet slightly out in front of you, and then lift your body off the bench.

Form: Inhale as you lower down towards the floor. Hold for a brief second and then exhale and press your self back up away from the floor.

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Personal Trainer Tips: With this exercise pay close attention to your range of motion. The further you lower yourself, the more stress you place on the shoulder.

So only go up to 90 degrees at the elbow. It is okay to use a limited range of motion based on your body.

If your shoulders feel stiff, avoid this exercise or spend a lot of time stretching your shoulders, chest muscles, and lats.

If this exercise becomes too easy, you can increase the challenge on your triceps and core muscles by doing dips on a stability ball.


There are lots of different ways to work your triceps, and bench dips are a great body weight exercise that you can do almost anywhere.

Push ups are also a great body weight exercise for the triceps.

But if you don't like dips or push ups, you can always use machines or you can do dumbbell exercises for the triceps.

Whatever you choose, keep good form, and stay consistent.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Charles PT/PT

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