Decline Tricep Dumbbell Extensions
Ways to Work the Tricep Arm Muscle

There are thousands of different ways to work the triceps arm muscle. You can use dumbbells, barbells, or machines. You can stand, sit, or lie down. This page has pictures of decline tricep extensions.

When you change the position of your shoulder during tricep exercises, you can slightly change the muscle work in the triceps.

There will be a big difference in how your triceps feel when you do extensions on a decline compared with an incline. Many people feel more work in the long head of the triceps during incline tricep extensions and more work in the lateral head during the decline position.

Try both and stick with the one you prefer, or include them both in your tricep workouts.

Here are the pictures for decline tricep dumbbell extensions.

Best Tricep Exercises: Decline Dumbbell Extensions

Starting Position: Hold on to 2 dumbbells and lie down on a decline bench. Extend your arms straight in the air towards the ceiling.

Form: Inhale as your elbows bend and lower the dumbbells to the sides of your head. Hold for a brief second and then exhale and extend your arms back to the starting position.

best tricep exercisesbest tricep exercises

Personal Trainer Tips: If you are a beginner choose a lighter weight to start. There is a tendency for your arms to be unstable when you are a beginner.

As you practice you will develop coordination and stability, just move with control.

If you want to isolate one tricep at a time, you can do this tricep arm muscle exercise with one arm.


When you change the angle of your shoulder, you can change the feeling of the tricep exercise.

Every time you change something about an exercise, you can change the emphasis slightly or dramatically.

Try the different angles for extension and stick with the ones you prefer.

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